Certificate in Creative Fashion Design and Fabrics

د.إ4,500.00 Including VAT

The course Creative Fashion Design and Fabrics guides students through exciting exploration and creative application of fabrics and materials in fashion design process.

Throughout variety of design exercises and one main creative project students are mastering key skills in designing fashion with fabrics exploring collection styles, trends, seasons and customer markets.
The study of famous designer’s work with fabrics supports creative thinking, preparing students to successfully select and combine textiles and materials creating original fashion design projects.
Students are encouraged to collect fabric samples, organize fabric diary and learn how to use it effectively in the design process.
The online course delivery mode brings on fantastic opportunity to work in a relaxed, informal group sharing creative ideas and experiences.
Completion of this course equips students with a professional understanding, skills and confidence in fabrics selection for variety of fashion projects and further progression in fashion design studies or fashion design career.
Date – 14th June to 6th August


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